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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pizza - Downtown House of Pizza

I love pizza, but only good pizza. Many of you probably agree, not every pizza is created equal. I am particular about my pizza but have learned to adapt to eat the best pizza available in a given geographic area. I had been hearing good things about the Downtown House of Pizza in downtown Fort Myers. I happen to be in the area for an event and walked right by the wonderfully smelling pizzeria. Pizza is one of those things that when you smell it baking, it is hard to get that lovely smell out of your head until you finally get a slice.

I popped in and ordered two slices of cheese pizza. Whenever I try out a new pizza place, I like to get just cheese pizza to assess the quality. Sometimes pepperoni and other ingredients can make a good slice go bad so I like to first determine whether or not I like the slice itself before adding anything else.

Downtown House of Pizza, Fort Myers FL

The slices were large in size, but as you can see from the photo the sizes vary, but even the smaller one was a nice size. The other one was HUGE.

Verdict: It was very tasty hot and even when I had one slice later in the day after being in the refrigerator, it was still good. I will definitely go back and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick slice in downtown Fort Myers.  


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